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You Choose – 2018-03-15

You can choose…
– When life knocks you to your knees,
you can pause in prayer, catch your breath,
and you can choose to stand again.

– When your steps are heavy,
you can pause to smell the roses,
And you can choose to take another, and another step forward.

– When you fail at your heart’s desire,
you can pause to consider other possibilities,
and you can choose to find a new passion and purpose.

– When your attitude is bad,
you can pause to consider what is out of sync,
And you can choose to let go of that poison to grab hold of something new…

– When someone steals your reason to smile,
you can give them your old smile,
And you can choose to find a new reason to smile.

– When life isn’t fair and your heart hurts,
you can choose to breathe, to release that pain to God,
and You can choose joy.

– You can hang on to the pain, the weight, the hurt,
You can choose to stay with where you are and live that familiar pain,
OR you can choose to be and do something different, something new.

You are not a victim…
You do not have to suffer alone…
You can walk with healthy friends
You can walk with Jesus…
He makes all things new… even us. 

You choose.