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Hollywood Show – 2018-03-16

I love it when God brings together a message, using several different examples of our life. This morning we had a message at church on Matthew 6 where it talks about showy prayers and repetitive prayers, and it brought to mind an event of last week.

Last week we went to a farm and helped feed horses and Cattle. The draft horses pulling the hay wagons, didn’t respond to showy slapping the rains and yelling at them. We were talking in a normal conversation, and the driver would say very calmly and quietly, “get up,” Or, he said “little bit,” and the horses backed up just a little bit.

I thought how often we treat God like a Hollywood show horse, we want to slap the reins and use the Spurs and yell at Him over and over and over, when actually what God wants is a simple quiet spoken request, and he often responds with a quiet simple answer, rather than a big show. God seems to respond far less with big show, and far more into individual relationship. He left us a job to do, our job is to Proclaim what great things he has done in our lives.

We often forget that this isn’t Hollywood, this is real life, and we aren’t the ones running the show, God is.

The other lesson I noted is that in the midst of all the conversation happening, the horses hear the driver’s voice (though much quieter) over ours… Do we hear God’s voice over the cacophony of noise in our world? I’m guessing He hears our whispers as loud as He hears our cries… it’s not the volume, but the heart that speaks so clearly in the relationship we have with God.