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Follow That Star – 2018-01-24

My meditations this week have been on the Star of Bethlehem. This is a lengthy topic, It has captivated me for years.
We live (and have lived) in areas where the stars are magnificent! So many times, when I was exhausted, I would go outside at night, sit on a rock, and pray… breath in Jesus’s peace and promise. This rock, is the location of our adversity meditation station. It is probably not coincidence that this is one of the places where The Lord most renews, comforts, and blankets me in His peace. When the Moon is present, from this rock, the cross is outlined against the magnificent tapestry of the stars. When there is a breeze, I hear the sounds of wind chimes, otherwise, there is silence: a deep peaceful silence.
During this season, I am focused on the Star of Bethlehem – also known as the Epiphany Star.
Epiphany – celebrated January 6, is when many churches observe the visitation of the Magi to baby Jesus. They must have known of the Mazzaroth, the prophecy of the savior to come. what made the star of Bethlehem, also called The Ephiphany Star different?
Epiphany is the transliteration of the Greek word “epiphaneia” meaning disclosure or unveiling., it was used for any occasion in which God was revealed to people.
In many places, the stars we see are false lights, not the pure lights of heaven. Stars are not apparent when the lights of this world hide them from our view. Many civilizations have worshiped the stars. Is this not like worshiping the message or the paper, rather than the one who wrote and created the message. Is this not like putting a book on a pedestal without honoring the author who poured so much, His heart, His energy, His love into creating the book? I choose to worship and honor the creator while appreciating His creation.
Stars hold such a fascination… we frequently use phrases such as “follow your star…” But does it not seem that we should first research what star we are following? Are we following lights that rely on the power of men to be illuminated or lights in the heavenly realm?
I wonder how many missed the Heavenly Wonder?
One of the classes I loved in college, was astronomy. I had ulterior motives. First, I want to clarify, I love astronomy, I am not into astrology. In ancient times, there were trained astrologers to read the stars and to know God’s word, God’s plan, I imagine the Magi were astrologers, correctly trained. We have perverted the message in the stars and so miss the true significance.
I have long been fascinated with the Mazzaroth… Mazzaroth is often interpreted “constellation.” Mazzaroth is interpreted constellation.
” The Sanskrit root word sodi, though, means “the way” and reflects the Middle East understanding of the zodiac.” Chuck Missler
“The Way”, this is a familiar phrase for Christians…
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6
When I search for books on the Mazzaroth, there are many that show a deep learning. There is a lot of great information, there is a lot of misinformation. Studying the stars can be a treasure hunt, you have to boil it down and skim off the dross, the imperfections, to find the truth.
The original zodiac was nothing to do with horoscope, God placed the stars in the sky as His written word to mankind of His plan of Redemption. Think about it, before the written word, how were men aware of God’s promise? I imagine shepherds in the fields, sharing the promise of God as they pointed out the constellations and their significance. The night sky was their classroom. I imagine this, because David was a shepherd and shows a familiarity with the significance of the stars.
The constellations look little like their names, yet they are the same nation to nation.
I always wondered how the Magi saw the herald of the Star of Bethlehem, the majority missed it. and then I realized, when I see a bright star in the sky, I know neither it’s name nor it’s significance. Yet, I know that the Lord put His story love and redemption there. I am illiterate. I cannot read the story in the stars. As with anyone who is just learning to read, I need this simplified.
In Job, God tells Job, “Can you bring out Mazzaroth in its season? Or can you guide the Great Bear with its cubs?” Job 38:32 The Big Dipper is the Great Bear, the Little Dipper, the cubs. to be continued… Deeper Still (NKJV): *There are many more star references in prophecy which are not included here