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Freedom isn’t Free – 2018-04-17

Freedom isn’t free…
While physical freedom can be purchased for another, Emotional freedom has a personal cost.

You cannot fight someone else’s emotional battles or demons – the power, the victory must be their’s. Even when you KNOW how victory can be won, you can only step out of the way, watch and pray until they choose to journey down that path.

We each face that crossroads frequently with a variety of battles – fight or fail… good health or emotional chaos. Frequently, with emotional chaos, the help is so close, at hand, outstretched for them to grab hold of, but they can’t see it through the darkness.

Prayers to clear the darkness, the fog – for freedom from bondage seem like such a small contribution in that fight, but the power of prayer is HUGE — that breath of the Holy Spirit — that lighthouse that cuts through the fog and darkness and reveals the path out.

The picture that God revealed this morning, is that of a broken heart praying for others… the broken heart is like a multi-faceted glass, the lens, through which the light shines.We try to avoid brokenness, but it is often that very act of being broken that allows the beauty inside to be revealed… like a gem encased in a rock, a geode, etc. until the rock is broken open, the treasure inside is hidden.