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Aging 2018-04-10

A common topic in my generation is the aging thing… we are seeing our patriarchs/matriarchs with health issues… our bodies give occasional reminders that we, too, are just a few corners from that stretch of our journey.

It seems that even more than the physical challenges our elderly face, is the social challenge… the loneliness. It’s often more difficult to carry on a phone conversation, etc. Kids are busy and don’t call much, or are unable to talk because of time.

Our Generation was raised to take care of our parents. I am surprised at how many of my generation is not planning on their children taking care of them. Several expressed the desire to be in a lateral social situation instead – to be with others who relate on the same level.

Hmmm… considering the large # of us hitting retirement age, might not want to wait too long to get on that wait list for the retirement home. Oh wait! I think we already did that, albeit not a traditional retirement home. Lol who knows what the next Dozen Years will bring!

Sometimes you just need to enjoy the moments until you reach that bridge