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Book of Life – 2018-04-16

The Book of Life has many chapters. For some, those chapters occur in the same place with life being very much the same regardless of the chapter, just with different characters in each chapter.

For others, each chapter is different – there are often significant changes from chapter to chapter.

Those whom you support as they venture out and move on to the next chapter, are not always the same ones who support you when you start a new life chapter. Support is not always a 2 way street.

There are those who might disappear for a chapter or two, then reappear – they are still a continuous thread in the story, their role might change a bit, but they are active parts of our story. And there are those who are only a part of your story for a few short chapters. Each have a part.

I love to combine the 2 sayings, “God is the author of my story…” and “I am the author of my own happiness…” Often new chapters look like letting go of aspects of the previous chapter and embracing the new aspects of the chapter you are living. Not everyone will be supportive… If you are letting individuals write your new chapter, it will be the story of victimization. If you hold on to expectations of others, it will be a drama. If you are letting God write your new chapter, it will be an adventure… etc.

In either case, I am the author of my own happiness and can choose to write a drama story, and adventure story, a consistent, serene story, or I can choose to not be a major player in my own story… We EACH have that choice.

Each chapter has supporting characters and opposing characters. That is life. We each have that choice as well – how much place in our new chapter do we give to supporting, and how much to opposing.

Loving this chapter of life… God is soooooo good!