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Thanksgiving – 2016-11-16

Thanksgiving is just around the corner… a few thoughts we prepare for Thanksgiving:

1) Who are we thankful to? In my life, I know that my own resources are not enough for all His blessings – spiritually: peace, physically: blessed health beyond what I deserve; emotionally: wow, has he provided through the ups and downs!

2) What am I thankful for? I am thankful that when my walk on earth is done, I will be looking into the face of Christ, not because of what I have done, but because He stood in my place at judgment and pronounced, “Her many sins are forgiven, I will pay the price (death) for her…” I am thankful for my Precious, precious family! Such an amazing blessing! He has brought amazing, awesome friends such as you into my life! I am thankful for provision for enough: we have food to eat and the bills paid for another month – last year, through two house payments; this year with Mike’s sabbatical (another amazing blessing). I am thankful that we have enough to share, not necessarily out of the abundance of resources, but out of the abundance of God’s blessings.

3) When am I thankful? Not just at Thanksgiving, but at EVERY opportunity God presents that He is PRESENT… which is every second of every day 🙂

4) Where am I thankful? In my prayer room, in my kitchen, in my yard, taking out the trash… wherever I look, I see Him and his fingerprints on our lives… I see His majesty in the light of day, in the clouds, and in the night. Recently I saw several shooting stars and I was awed at the reminder of His intricate design – created out of chaos.

5) How much am I thankful? I am thankful to death… I am so thankful that I know when I am faced with my final moments on earth, my next breath with be the sweet fragrance of heaven. I am thankful enough to risk all,to take those steps of faith that just don’t make sense in the regular world, knowing that when I follow the voice of God, all is never lost, for I always have Him.

I am thankful for a holiday that reminds me to focus on our blessings. I am thankful for a country that lets me vote – regardless of which candidate wins, I had the opportunity to express my desire. I am thankful that we have a day following elections to focus on our many blessings instead of our many wants. I am thankful, because I choose to be thankful.