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Stress – 2018-03-18

The hardest stress is that conflict between the very aspects of who you are…
I would like it to
I believe it could
but my heart says it won’t
My spirit says it’s possible
My head says “don’t even hope for it,
you’ll be disappointed again.”

and this is the time of fervent prayer
and acceptance of the answers to those prayers.
The answer is Jesus,
But the form of that answer is still hidden.

This is the hardest test…
that void that has no direction
The darkness that clouds our vision
The stillness that terrifies our mind.

This is the time to embrace the stillness
To reach out with our heart, soul, mind
To feel the peace, the strength
“Be still and know that I am God.”

Renewed, This is the time to press on,
through the unknown
while praying for dawn to come
and ease our journey

This is the time to keep our eyes fixed
On the author and finisher of our faith
To stay close to Jesus
to walk in His footprints

This is the time our steps grow strong
as we live the answers
yet unknown to our heart and our mind,
This is our journey of faith