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Dying life or Living life? – 2017-10-10

Often we are so focused on the ending: on how the journey ends, how the story ends, how the battle ends, that we do not fully live our story. Today affects the ending…

Even when we know the ending is magnificent, and we keep glancing ahead to be sure we are on track, we must, must, must keep our eyes on today and or we trip over the many obstacles in our path.

Some are so focused on dying, that they neglect to live
Some are focused on living, that they neglect what comes after dying – eternity with God. If we’re not walking with Him, breathing His fragrance, living with Him today; our ending can be pretty bleak… because ending here on earth is just the beginning of eternity. Where we spend that eternity is our choice.

Each morning and evening and in so many ways throughout the day God sends us a beautiful picturesque invitation, “Hey, don’t be a stranger, let’s chat…”

Choose eternal life, choose hope, choose peace… Choose Jesus.