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What If – 2016-12-09

Not all guests at The Ranch are welcome guests. One guests that likes to pop in unannounced is the “What If” monster. As I was working on plans, reviewing what worked, what needs improvement… he started whispering in my ear, I took my most successful route and dropped my planning, went into the War Room and cried out in God’s ear.

His response was to remind me of the verse I have prayed over so many family members and friends… for years… “Jeremiah 29:11”. It’s not just for everyone else, It’s not my blessing, hope, prayer for others, it’s God’s… and it applies to me as well.Funny, usually we don’t want to apply the “don’t” verses to ourselves, this time I didn’t grab hold of the hope and promise.

Imagine… God didn’t drop me here and leave me to my own plans and devices, He brought us here because He has a plan for us, for the ranch, for our guests, our community…. we don’t see the plan, but the word “know” used in the verse indicated a certainty, SEEING the results. We don’t have to know the details, we know that God’s got an amazing plan and we need to continue stepping forward in faith, following His plan.

I get slack in my prayer time when life gets chaotic, yet that is when I need it most. When I am working so hard on plans for next year, is when I need God’s plan the most.

I laughed when I realized I had just received the verse for next year – stick to HIS plan, don’t wear myself out making my own. Typically God gives us a key verse for the year (certainly not the ONLY applicable verse for the year), but the thread or theme that graces the year. Sometimes It is Jan 1, but Jan 1 is not a “magic day”, in fact it has little significance in God’s calendar. God gives us His direction, His gift in His time – Jan? April? His time. Honestly, God never gives us what we need early, nor does He provide it late: He provides just when we need it… seek it… and are prepared to receive it… My Christmas gift this year is God’s plan, not my own, wrapped up beautifully in His Hope tied with His promise. Is it too beautiful to open? Now THAT would be a travesty… how sweet that He let me open it early 

The What If monster? I think he just ran back to the very hot place from whence he came.