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Personal Growth

Reflections on Personal Growth

Bitterness is a toxic poison which goes viral when left unaddressed.

It’s interesting how we can be so quick to cry out about the unfairness of people judging us, then so quickly judge another.

The people who’s opinions count, are those people you can count on.

It’s not being wrong that’s so wrong, For so many lessons are learned by our mistakes;It’s being wrong and insisting you are right that is so wrong.

Stand strong or fall hard – your choice.

Fear faced gives faith the wings to fly.

A person who never makes mistakes is a person who is not taking any chances, not living life, and not learning.

Live life “outside of the box.”

We are often so busy burning the candle at both ends,that we don’t enjoy the candle.

Most people don’t like it very much when they hear their own words applied to them. Be careful what words escape our lips.