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Children – 2018-03-26

If you want your children to learn good manners, courtesy, respect – you must model them. They will learn what you do, not what you say and what you teach by example, they will return by example.
My generation probably gave our children too much… We wanted them to have better than we did… but we did not often require them to earn it or work for it, and so many believe that they deserve more and are better than others…
what we do, what we teach, our children often take a step farther. They move that boundary out one more notch.
A child that believes the world revolves around them, rarely grows up to be a confident, courteous individual, they typically grow up to be a victim or a bully… because they have learned entitlement rather than gratitude. They have not learned to love and respect others, or the uncommon courtesy of listening, but rather that what they want, they deserve and that their wants supercede everything else, including a loving relationship.
If you want children to grow up not to be judgmental, then they need to see that modeled in parents – judgment often indicates that you are on the throne of your life rather than God. Again, that is a manifestation of the believe that you are better than others… sometimes that looks like judging those from a different socio-economic background, sometimes a different generation… God loves ALL people… obviously He doesn’t love all our actions, but He loves ALL people and He expects us to treat ALL with that courtesy and respect regardless of what we think they deserve… So glad God is God and I don’t have to sit on that throne!
While raising children on a limited income was a challenge, I look back and see the blessing that it was. It is GOOD for our children to be challenged and to have to work for the things they desire. While we weren’t perfect parents, I appreciate the things our children learned well… the respect and courtesy for others, a desire to help/protect others… they learned to work for what they want (we built or remodeled a house when each was in jr. high/high school), the freedom to choose what/where/how they want to be rather than requiring them to fit into our expectations… to be responsible for their own actions and happiness – victors over their actions not victims of their feelings and actions…
I did not choose their careers – they did, and I support them absolutely – because we raised them with the freedom to fly from the nest rather than be fettered by our expectations. Well done!
I love seeing them model love, respect, communication, relationship – even when it is not easy.
Hopefully some of the good things they have learned, they learned from us, but ultimately they are who they are by choice – theirs…
I am blessed by amazing children who took the boundaries and did not build them on top of people they pushed over to get there, but are respectful of others.
We tried our best to give our children a Godly heritage… We are blessed in a huge way, and pray that our children will be blessed to an even greater extent – not by the limited blessings we can offer, but by God’s amazing blessings.