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Diamonds in the Rough 2018-04-05

I was reading about diamonds this morning. Many Diamonds are formed in the earth’s mantle – intense heat and pressure… then moved up through a very rare “deep source volcanic eruption.”

Why would I be focused on diamonds? I don’t desire diamonds as much as I desire to BE a diamond. The problem is that the intense heat and pressure, the volcanic eruption… can be so very painful!

The other problem is that diamonds can be quite sharp and cutting… beautiful, multi-faceted, but that sharp edge is not a positive attribute.

I was chatting with a friend about spiritual gifts. My primary gift is exhortation… I love the encouragement and comfort aspect of exhortation… but that is not the only facet of exhortation, there is also that very sharp edge of truth that often opens up deep abscesses so that they can drain and heal.

Ok, so how about I JUST be encouragement and comfort 
Do I get to choose? I CAN, but SHOULD I? Maybe it’s ok if those abscesses just fester… Must I use the gifts God gives to also express truth?

Oy Vey… there is no way to win with that choice?
Can I choose a different gift?
I know, not my choice.
sounds like a Shakespeare question, “to be, or not to be, that is the question…”

How many times do we face that choice with loved ones… or those who want you to be different than you are.

To be, or not to be what God created me to be…. that is the question we each face.

I don’t have to do/be what God called me to do and be. But when I choose to disobey, I need to know that God has unlimited resources, He will use someone else. HIS plan WILL BE FULFILLED, I just miss the blessing of being a part of it.

I can choose the approval of man, or the approval of God…

I choose to follow Jesus.

Unfortunately, this side of heaven, that diamond will not be fully polished and perfected. Oh, but in heaven? All the heat and pressure will be perfected in Jesus.