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Today’s Answers to Old Wives Tales and Things My Mama Told Me 2012-10-26

“Waste Not, Want Not”  – Not so interested in having my house and yard look like a waste disposal area. In regards to food, isn’t it more like “Waste Not, Waist ALOT?”

“She is a great housekeeper, her floors are so clean you could eat off them” – I really don’t mind using my dishwasher, so we use dishes at our house. The only thing that eats off the floor is the dog.

“You made your bed, now lie in it” – Really? I usually make my bed AFTER I lie in it.

“If you carry an acorn, you will have continued good luck and long life” – I would also expect you’ll attract a lot of squirrels.

“If you make a wish over burning onions, it will come true” – especially if that wish is to keep visitors away.

“Clean your plate, there are starving children in Africa” – I fail to see how my eating more helps starving children in Africa. It will however, help me look a lot like a dumpster in shape and size. How about you only cook enough for today’s meal unless you specifically want leftovers? The uncooked food is much more helpful to children in Africa.

“Use the same pencil for taking a test as was used for studying for the same test, the pencil will remember the answers.”  Maybe if you used the pencil a LOT to study for the test, YOU will remember the answers. 🙂