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2016-10-12 God-size Dreams

“A God size dream will always be beyond your own ability, your own resources…” from Chase the Lion.

Each of us has our own story, additionally, we are each a character in other people’s stories. Sometimes we are in a supporting role, sometimes we are in an adversarial role. The roles we play in other people’s stories, can be a subplot in our own story, but should it be our entire story?

recently compared a couple quotes I love:
“You are the author of your own happiness.”
“God is writing your story.”

I was thinking today how fear can prevent us from fulfilling God’s amazing dream from our life! Or, comparison can steal that dream… we say, “that’s not the part I want to play,” and try to live someone else’s story instead of taking a leading role in our own story. God has created each of us to be unique, we each have a leading role in our own story, He has an amazing dream for each of us, why be content with a bit character part in someone else’s story? Trying to live someone else’s God-dream or calling looks a lot like a nightmare.

One of the answered prayers I contemplate often is how when Matt was in his senior year of high school, I realized I didn’t have a dream for the 2nd half of our life… so I prayed for God’s dream for the next chapter of life. What God envisioned and ultimately called us to, was not EVEN on our radar.

Big dreams are inspiring, scary, and amazing… but big dreams without big steps of faith, where you walk on following God’s voice without clearly seeing the path ahead, are just day dreams… Dreams come true, when you move your feet along the path of God’s calling. Big dreams often involve big leaps of faith.

A new sentence in our story is written each day. What is being written? Does today’s line say, “he faced adversity, then gave up? Or, “when adversity came, he listened to God’s voice and God’s amazing dream for his life became a reality?”

praying today to clearly hear and follow God’s dream… not someone else’s, not my own, but God’s… His dreams have a dimensions far beyond my imagination and machination.

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